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This is a fantastic idea.¬†Ecovative Design¬†has developed a way to grow and mold mushrooms to act as a substitute for styrofoam packaging. It protects items just the same as styrofoam with the added benefit of the mushrooms being biodegradable, organic, and compostable. You can of course use them again for packaging other things, but if […]

The Sound of Dust from Hidden Notice on Vimeo. Watch this video of Tim Stamps making styrofoam-based surfboards in Huntington Beach. THis is in stark contrast to Danny Hess’ wooden surfboards which I posted about yesterday.


Boey makes an art out of the traditional styrofoam coffee/drink cup by hand-drawing various illustrations onto the side of the cups. His drawings are absolutely amazing and he has amassed quite a number of them over time. Each cup he draws is for sale and they come in a nice plastic case (see below) with […]

Speaking of deep-sea phenomenon, check out this video of a Styrofoam cup being crushed by deep-sea pressure as it is being lowered by a robotic submarine. According to the video description, the surface of Earth has an atmospheric pressure of about 14.7 pounds per square inch which allows the Styrofoam cup to stand about 4 […]