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VICE Japan teaser video

This being Japan, you can bet VICE is going to show some of the craziest subcultures imaginable. Coming soon.

Light Trucks

There apparently exists a subculture in Japan known as Dekotora which involves decorating a big rig cab (tractor trailer cab) to insane lengths with lights, chrome add-ons, and much more. The result is a truck that looks like something out of Transformers. They aren’t particularly good looking but the dedication to the craft is what […]

The subculture of chess in New York City

One of the most classic board games, chess, gets a revival in NYC. I had no idea that there were so many chess clubs in the city. I’ve probably walked right by them before and didn’t even know!

This is going to be good. VICE is getting Eddie Huang to venture into food subcultures around the world so we at home sitting at our computers can enjoy without much effort. I dig!

Sean Dunne films this video piece on the American Juggalo, a portion of the population on the fringes of society who meet at The Gathering of the Juggalos every year. Not quite sure who or what a juggalo is? Then watch this video. The video is NSFW.