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The USS Growler sitting next to the USS Intrepid in the Hudson River is the only nuclear submarine open to the public in the US. The USS Growler is up for a chance to receive funding for historic preservation courtesy of the Partners in Preservation Initiative with New York City and American Express. Right now, […]

Disney’s 2005 feature Aliens of the Deep can be seen in full on YouTube (again, this isn’t a legal upload, but it’s there, so enjoy it while it’s still available). The film was directed by James Cameron (Titanic, etc.) and produced alongside NASA scientists who ventured down into the Mid-Ocean Ridge which is a system […]


There are some things about the sea that I’m sort of deathly afraid of. One of them is being attacked by a monster. Seriously. We humans know almost nothing about the deep sea and if we’re about to send people down there on Virgin Oceanic Submarines, then we better be prepared for gigantic man-eating squid […]

This invention called the HydroBOB is a personal underwater submersible with a pressurized dome that traps just enough air for your head to remain completely dry while your entire body is underwater. A pretty rad idea, except for the fact that it looks like it has to remain close to the surface due to some […]