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Remember that Cusco fax that I posted earlier? Well, it was taken from The Fax Blog, a peculiar but wonderful idea for a blog that takes submissions only via a secret fax number. The blog creator was recently interviewed on The Next Web’s Tumblr Tuesday feature¬†about the project and how it came about. Certainly interesting […]

Sneakerpedia Trailer from Sneakerpedia on Vimeo. The Sly Oyster pointed me over to a neat online project by Footlocker called Sneakerpedia that aims to produce an open and huge database of sneakers for everyone to search and browse. The project is currently in a closed-beta but it sounds like a pretty neat idea if enough […]

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This is very interesting. Google has just released a Google Maps mashup showing the amount of data requests and removal requests from different countries around the world. The requests are centered around Google and YouTube primarily but also delve into Blogger, Orkut, Gmail, and AdWords as well. I’m not sure why but Google breaks down […]


I have 4 free Netflix one-month trials to give away to 4 random readers who submit an outstanding joke via the comments below. One winning entry per IP/email address. Netflix’s normal trial period lasts only 2 weeks and the codes I have allow you to get an entire month for free. A great deal for […]