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Photographer Michael Friberg goes in a helicopter high over Phoenix, Arizona to get a glimpse of how suburban sprawl is a poor use of land and a seemingly dizzying visual spectacle. It’s cookie-cutter architecture and planning at its best and worst. Check out the images inside.

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I’m convinced that it’s not just the issue mentioned below to blame for the USPS’ budget deficit, but I find it hard not to believe that suburban sprawl does in fact have something to do with it. Vehicle prices, gas prices, maintenance, etc. — all of which are not necessarily needed just to delivery mail […]

In this TED Talk entitled “Brilliant designs to fit more people in every city”, Kent Larson gives a truly compelling argument about the societal move away from suburban sprawl to a more urban city environment. In many ways — and more eloquently than I could have put it — this talk echoes many of my […]


The Big Picture took a tour of Southwest Florida via Google Maps today and found that a lot of the developments in the area are unfinished or left completely empty due to the financial meltdown of recent years. The grid that has been built in these areas reminds me of Ross Racine’s drawings of suburban […]


Check out this NYT slideshow of images taken by Christoph Gielen of several communities in the Midwest and West Coasts that are definitive of the term suburban sprawl. These communities and complexes are planned out in such a way that sometimes they look like intricate mazes from the air.