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Check this out. Nathaniel Hood staged his own engagement shoot in the middle of the suburbs and came out with what looks to be the most boring engagement photo session ever. Why is this though? There’s a lot that can be said from these images. But the biggest one is the fact that couples hardly ever shoot […]

These Regular Car Reviews videos are so damn funny. This Suburban is nice. I’d drive one.

Ian Strange traveled to Ohio, Detroit, Alabama, New Jersey, New York, and New Hampshire to create this body of work called “Suburban”. In it, he paints and completely transforms the exterior of abandoned and derelict homes and then films their destruction in a final blaze of glory. Photos and videos from this amazing project will […]

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Christoph Gielen photographs communities from the sky. I only selected a few below so you should definitely go to his website and check out the rest. Man, if he had a book out I’d buy it. I love this sort of photography. Also, posted previously, his work on The New York Times.


I’m really liking Jake Longstreth’s paintings of suburbia. I imagine that if I ever saw these same scenes in real life, I’d probably stop and capture the moment with my camera. [via]