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For centuries, maple syrup producers across New England and Canada harvested sap by drilling into the bark of fully grown wild trees. While commercial syrup producers have adopted vacuum pumps and plastic tubing to aid these efforts, recent experiments at the University of Vermont’s Proctor Maple Research Center may further pull the industry from its […]

This amazing macro video of a mosquito sucking human blood was taken with a Canon SX200 with a +12 diopter close-up lens. Extremely clear for that type of setup!

I never really had to think about this too much since I was lucky enough to be locked into unlimited data on my mobile and home networks, but it’s true, if companies were really concerned about network congestion they would be getting users to downgrade speeds and essentially limit the amount of new sign-ups. [via]

This is seriously one of the greatest kitchen tricks ever. Watch that yellow yolk just suck right up into that empty water bottle! [via]

Watch this whale shark suck fish out of a hole in a fishing net. Kinda funny.

This is innovation folks! Not the prettiest of mats, but if it sucks in water, this could be pretty good for rainy days too. [via]