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Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s not deadly. Poor toad, he probably had no idea…

Why is Gizmodo the best gadgets news blog ever? Because they don’t just focus on gadgets, and in this age of hyper-ADD, we all need videos of fish being eaten by bigger fish in slow motion interspersed between our gadget news.


Dyson’s R&D department is hard at work developing this tool called the Dyson Groom that basically acts as a dog hair brush and vacuum in one. It sucks up hair and dead skin in one swoop attaches to just about any Dyson vacuum hose. Here’s the Groom in action.

Of course, you would never be able to do this on an actual flight because if you started rolling toilet paper down the aisles, I’m sure somebody would tackle you. [via] Video embedded above

I’ve been fooling around with MacPilot for the past couple of days and I’ve come to realize that Unix-based operating systems (like OS X) are incredibly powerful and customizable and that they’re dumbed down by default to accommodate the average user. MacPilot is like Microsoft PowerToys for Mac OS X — but with steroids. I […]