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As I posted the other day, Wirecutter highly recommends this RAM suction car mount with Universal X-Grip. Mine came in the other day and I have to agree, this is definitely THE BEST car mount I’ve ever used or even touched. The entire thing is impeccably built, with solid aluminum construction (while most other mounts […]


I didn’t fully believe it until I tested it, but this GoPro Suction Cup Mount is insanely strong. I can literally lift my desk and everything on it up by this thing. Great!

The Utah State University “Ascending Aggies” just won $100,000 from the Air Force to further develop this early prototype of a wall-climbing device that uses gigantic suction pads attached to a vacuum-like device on the climber’s back. It’s noisy, but it works well, so hopefully they can do something about the noise to make this […]


I just learned that the iMac glass panel which protects the LCD monitor is held in place by 14 magnets. All you need are two good suction cups and the glass pops off. This 360 LB Lift-Capacity 4-Head Suction Cup Handle should do the trick. For less than $12, you could seriously do a lot […]