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Nice! I had no idea that the magic putty known as Sugru was being sold on Amazon. I’ve posted about this amazing stuff before and use it to fix and better my own things here and there and I highly recommend it. For $22, it makes a pretty great gift for anybody (and we know […]

I love sugru. It’s that awesome putty material that you can shape with your hands and sticks to just about anything. You can use it to fix broken objects, extend functionality to others, and basically use it as a general-purpose repair kit. But sometimes, you need more. And that’s where the sugru magnet kit comes […]

A million different uses for sugru, the moldable and super-strong clay that cures at room temperature.

Just a bit of sugru magic and creativity with LEGOs will turn ordinary objects into fun play things!

Wow, remember Sugru? It’s that magic Play-Doh like substance that’s moldable into any shape and cures at room temperature. Well, not only can you make iPhone 4 bumpers with it, but if you have enough Sugru, you can cover an entire camera and play kickball with it too!