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Sunrise, my all-time favorite calendar app that started on iOS, has made the jump to an actual dedicated desktop app for Mac. It’s free. And you should use it. Previously, Sunrise was only available as a web-based app.


I have used the Sunrise calendar app on my iPhone exclusively for all calendar-related operations and now I am so stoked that the Sunrise calendar is making its way to the desktop (and to Android devices too). It’s the social media calendar app that does it all and syncs effortlessly with Google Calendar. No problems […]

40.862134,-72.408872 Sunset 6:34pm

I caught a glimpse of Eric Cahan’s awesome full-page spreads in the latest issue of Saturdays Surf magazine and just couldn’t get enough! I wish the magazine had printed his work on different stock paper, but it still looked great on that semi-gloss. For his Sky Series, Eric Cahan linked each shot of the sunrise […]

Sunrise calendar is a nice looking free calendar app for iPhone

I haven’t given this a try myself since I really don’t want my Google Calendar and Facebook Calendar synced together, but this new Sunrise app (free on the App Store) looks really nice. If only they made a login that didn’t require Facebook then I’d be able to tell you more. Ok, after giving this […]

Coney Island In The A.M. from Steven Turco on Vimeo. Nice vid.