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This is so wonderful! A new website called NYCHenge uses the location of the sun to determine which streets in Manhattan will give you a perfect sunset alignment. Typically, this is known as “Manhattanhenge” and normally it is celebrated just a few times a year. But with the NYCHenge map, you can pretty much celebrate […]

40.862134,-72.408872 Sunset 6:34pm

I caught a glimpse of Eric Cahan’s awesome full-page spreads in the latest issue of Saturdays Surf magazine and just couldn’t get enough! I wish the magazine had printed his work on different stock paper, but it still looked great on that semi-gloss. For his Sky Series, Eric Cahan linked each shot of the sunrise […]

11 and a half minutes of pure beauty and sunset. The Salton Sea is on my trip list!

No time-lapse or trick photography here. This is simply a 30-minute video of the sun setting over the horizon. Enjoy!