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This is incredible. There’s a Kotaku article about this gaming technique where players around the world try to best each other in Super Mario 64 by beating levels with the fewest number of “A” presses (the “A” button is the button that makes Mario jump, undoubtedly one of the most core functions of the game). […]

This is an incredibly speed run of Super Mario 64. The player completes the game with just 16 stars in the first portion of the video (about 20 min long). The rest of the video shows him beating the entire game once again by getting every single star in every level (120 stars). The live-play […]

In this tool-assisted speedrun, this Japanese player beats Super Mario 64 in an hour and 50 minutes with 120-stars. The video plays like a feature-length film (meaning=it’s very long), so I skipped around a bit. It’s ridiculous though how quickly he obtains some of those stars. He was only in some of those levels for […]