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This is a bit of a stretch for me. But hey, watch if you care to find out where each of the Mario video games fall in relation to each other.

For over 12 years, Brett Martin has slowly amassed what is now considered the largest collection of video game memorabilia in the world. The collection holds about 8030 items all from different video games. This looks a lot like The Big Fun Toy Store in Cleveland!


I never thought of having a chess set just sitting out in my home, but if I ever did decide to, I’d like it to be this Super Mario Chess set. Saw this today and thought it was pretty neat.

I’m really disappointed that Mario doesn’t go into any of the pipes on this level. Such a one-dimensional video!

Wow, this is 11 whole minutes of a custom Super Mario level that’s entirely automatic from beginning to end and set to the tune of some crazy dance song. The custom level strategically places objects from the Mario world in an order so that Mario is carried through the entire level based solely on the […]