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Neat! Watch this video to get a brief history of what kind of superhero Superman was before he was a good guy (that’s right, he used to be a bad guy!).

Paramericasaur small

Check out these dinosaurs dressed as famous superheroes, drawn by Terryl Whitlatch. More inside!

I didn’t think this sort of thing existed (outside of Kick-Ass of course), but in San Diego, a group that calls themselves the Xtreme Justice League is what anybody else would call real-life superheroes. They dress the part, they hide their faces, and they fight and deter crime in the neighborhood. Here’s a look at […]

If 3 famous but retired superheroes moved to Miami and shared a house, it would be Kevin Bapp’s Super Gold Friends, a parody of the classic sitcom Golden Girls. It’s not a real show, but hell, if a network picked this up I’d watch it.

This is video gold! Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame is seen in this episode of Crazy Sexy Geeks critiquing the costumes of superheroes!