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Today, Microsoft officially stopped supporting and updating Windows XP. The move is an attempt to make those lagging behind upgrade to more recent software/OS (like Windows 8). I grew up on Windows XP and it might actually be the Windows OS I remember the most. That giant Start button. The clouds and the green grass. […]

Wow. The Onion goes really meta on YouTube with this parody tribute video about Taylor Swift. If you’ve never seen any of these fan-made, really crappy videos, just do a search on YouTube for ANY major celebrity name and you’ll find them.


Signalnoise created the poster above, one of the best I’ve seen so far in support of the people in Japan.


Mike has posted this great tribute image to Conan O’Brien so that myself and others who support Conan can show our support. Thanks Clarence!


Salad Design sent me some images of their collaboration with Mooks to help support local zoos in Australia. Their limited edition Mooks T-shirts were packaged in traditional supermarket meat packs, complete with saran-wrap and a a slab of meat next to the Mooks logo. It’s great to know that Mooks is still collaborating with local […]