I’m thoroughly enjoying Acclaim Magazine which was a gift from the folks at The Sure Store in Melbourne. Thanks guys!


It looks like more than one person is getting that SURE tribute tattoo I posted earlier. Above is another shot of a similar tattoo on another person’s chest. Such a beautiful tattoo.


FAUST paying tribute to fallen writer SURE in the snow. I hope I can spot one of these tonight with our impending snowstorm!

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On the heels of graffiti writer SURE’s death in Afghanistan, his closest friend and fellow partner in crime FAUST decided to make these SURE Christmas tree ornaments to remember his friend. They were handed out to close family members and friends to help them cope with the loss.

This is just beautiful. Handselecta posted a video today with graffiti artist SURE (who recently passed away on duty in Afghanistan) and in it you can hear SURE talking about his writing style along with a few others he normally worked alongside. Just watch him work. Amazing!