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Marcus O’Brien uploaded this video showing how his team used a MoVI M10 stabilized camera system to shoot a continuous shot of a surfer walking down the side of a cliff to the shore.

There’s a lot more to surfing than just surfing. Here’s a look at how professional surfer Jamie Sterling preps for big waves (…while using a T-Mobile phone?). Haha.

ALEX from Turkeymelt on Vimeo. A look at the life Alex Gray leads on the water. Jelly.


Lindsay Perry is a surfer, model, and musician most recently noted for appearing in Nixon and Billabong ads. She runs a really fantastic blog.

A surfer floating on her surfboard near some kayakers got a very close call this past weekend when out on the water in Santa Cruz.Two huge humpback whales breached the surface of the water to feed on some anchovies and nearly swallowed and landed on these nearby folks. Scary! Thanks Chris!