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It completely boggles my mind that Korea is so steeped in plastic surgery that it becomes one of the first things people think of when they think of the country. It’s all kinds of sad actually. Anyway, this blog shows tons of before and after photos of these plastic surgeries. Some of them are quite […]


This is so weird to me. Apparently in Korea, beauty is so emphasized in culture that the nation is fast becoming the world’s #1 cosmetic surgery capital. Photographer Jean Chung‘s photos of Han Ji-Hye’s face transformation here was part of an ongoing project that followed 5 individuals vying for the prize of becoming Korea’s 4th […]

This might make some of you sick. But if you care to click play above, you can watch Dave Hurban self-surgically-install (yep!) 4 small magnetic pieces underneath his left arm so that his iPod nano can be with him at all times. Nasty!


Doctors at the University of Maryland completed a successful face transplant surgery for a man named Richard Lee Norris who lost much of his face in a gun accident in 1995. With up to 150 doctors in the operating room, Norris received new skin from his scalp to his neck, a new jaw, new teeth, […]

Meet Herbert Chavez, a 35-year-old Filipino man who has had numerous surgeries since 1995 to look like Superman. C-R-A-Z-Y.

Operation Smile in Brazil is an organization that helps many children born with cleft lip have a chance at a normal life through facial operation and reconstruction. Watch as this little girl sees herself in a camera’s viewfinder for the first time post-surgery. So adorable!