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I’ve posted this guy’s videos before and they are always a bit enraging, awkward, and somewhat enlightening in a way. For those of you who aren’t familiar (since he’s been off of YouTube for a while and just recently resurfaced), SurveillantCameraMan is a guy who goes around in public and films people on video up close. No […]

After a failed installation of a city-wide CCTV system, some concerned citizens in New Orleans set up their own network of CCTV cameras and are now helping the NOPD fight crime by giving officers instant access to video feeds and camera owner contact information in an area where crime has occurred. You can watch some […]


Surv is in a closed beta testing phase right now, but the idea behind it is very interesting. The app makes a game out of having users compete to submit the locations of surveillance cameras. There’s a sort of leaderboard to get users to be competitive with their amount of submissions. And other than that, it’s […]

Journeyman Pictures produced this short documentary about the state of surveillance in the world, specifically in the most watched place on earth, London. It’s a scary and very realistic look at how much power governments (note: The US and British Governments) have over their citizens and how our basic rights can be stripped away at […]

1.8 gigapixel ARGUS-IS: The world’s highest resolution video surveillance platform from DARPA

If you ever had the feeling that something was watching you, the truth might just actually be that something is. And while watching from afar, what it can see is very close-up. Surveillance technology at its current best. And the scariest part? It saves EVERYTHING.