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Bogobrush: The first toothbrush you’ll actually care about. from Bogobrush on Vimeo. Taking a page from the TOMS book, Bogobrush is a small company headed up by Heather and John (brother and sister) who are hoping to sell a 100% bio-degradable toothbrush all while giving one out to those who cannot afford a toothbrush (hence […]

A real-life magic forest of sorts! These “living bridges” are made from the roots of fig trees and help to transport the people living in Meghalaya across raging waters below.


From the heart of Byron Bay, Australia comes this sustainable wooden eyewear maker called GROWN. Their shop has a small collection of classic Wayfarer-like frames for $145, each made of different kinds of wood. Proceeds from each purchase are donated to the sight-restoring surgery for 1 person or eye examinations for 12 children! A good […]

A new grocery store in Austin, TX called in.gredients is aiming to reduce packaging waste by eliminating it completely and revolutionizing the way people buy groceries. Instead of forcing people to buy in bulk packages, in.gredients encourages patrons to bring their own containers and only pick up the exact amount they need to cook what […]

This short video called The Story of Electronics is the latest in The Story of Stuff video series. As the title suggests, this particular video is about our collection of electronics which create a lot of e-waste every single year. That e-waste is harmful not just to the environment but also to us and other […]

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Click to enlarge In a combined effort with Yves Behar, PUMA will be launching a completely redesigned shoe “box” that gets rid of the box itself and replaces it with an earth-friendly sustainable bag. The “Clever Little Bag” from PUMA will reduce PUMA’s carbon footprint by 10,000 tons per year and reduce their paper use […]