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This is how Anthony Pinder asked his now-wife-to-be to marry him — with a stop-motion LEGO video featuring LEGO skywriters and a fancy dinner! Congrats!

This will get you choked up for sure. Sarah Churman was born deaf and at the end of September of this year, she received a hearing implant that allowed her to hear herself for the first time ever. The video which was recorded of her has become a YouTube hit garnering over 7 million views […]

Man, this is a tear-jerker! During a showing of Fast Five, Matt surprised his girlfriend Ginny during the opening previews with a home-made “trailer” of him asking her father for approval. Once received, the video shows Matt dashing to his car and rushing to the movie theater that Ginny was in and later appearing in […]

This is a real wedding proposal video made by Michael Justin Films for a man named John and his future wife. It tells the story of how John became the luckiest man alive once he met his soon-to-be bride. John and the team at Michael Justin Films worked together for about 5 months shooting and […]

This video recorded on January 12, 2011 shows a US Air Force Captain returning home from Afghanistan and being greeted by her dog Molly. If you want to see more videos like this, be sure to check out this post showing videos of other dogs greeting their owners home from war.

M&W is right, this really is one of the best montages in film. So sweet and incredibly touching. It’s now on YouTube (and I’m sure it’ll be taken down real soon).