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Like NPR, ABC, the BBC, TED Talks, & stand-up comedy routines? Well, you might enjoy Swell, a new iOS app that delivers relevant talks and speeches based on preferences and criteria you set. It learns your tastes over time and will adjust accordingly. Basically, Pandora, but for non-music. Get it using the link below. It’s […]

This is more exciting and fun to watch than those videos shot from the shore with a long lens.


Photo: Juan Mabromata In Focus has a wonderful post of photos by AFP photographer Juan Mabromata on the abandoned resort town of Villa Epucuen in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The town was bordered by a salt lake which peaked and broke free of a dam surrounding the city and eventually flooded the entire city under 10 […]

This is pretty. Check out Swell’s website for more info about their services. And if you’re curious, the song used is Girl Talk’s “Triple Double”.