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Dang, look at this short preview segment from the BBC on how ancient British swordsmiths made super-hard bronze swords out of liquid metal.

The gigantic and highly unusable-in-real-life Buster Sword from the Final Fantasy game series comes to life in this man’s quest to remake a 1:1 replica. You can bet the thing is heavy and awkward to handle, but if you want to make one for yourself anyway, just follow these instructions on Instructables.

Gizmodo offers some tips on how to pop open a bottle of champagne with a sword (or a knife) and in the process they find out that opening French bottles offers a much more satisfying pop than their American counterparts. The above video is of a French bottle and the one below is of an […]

Why don’t they just forget the game and make a movie? I’d go watch a StarCraft film, wouldn’t you? UPDATE: Watch and download the video above in HD at GameTrailers.com.