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Looks like there are a bit of glitches to fix before launch according to the video above. Get it here: Canary All-in-One Home Security Device


Last week I posted an aerial drone video of Chernobyl and something that caught my eye was this ginormous metal structure towering high above the area. I had no idea what it was, but a kind reader later informed me that it was the Duga-3 radar system (now out of commission). Would love to climb this […]

This is such a great breakdown of the director’s filmmaking decisions in Drive which really made the storytelling all that much more special.


There’s been other options available for this on a more industrial-type scale, but I’m really loving Bluelounge’s new Soba cable system for the rest of us. The Soba cable gathers up to 3 bulk cables and brings them together into a larger, cooler looking zip-tie-ish cocoon. For $24.95, you get 10 feet of Soba cable […]