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Wow wow wow. DVICE posted this demo video of some of the highly effective road blocks and barriers made by Barrier1 Systems, Inc.. I’ve known about the effectiveness of bollards from other demo videos but I have never seen nets like the ones in the video above that are flexible yet strong enough to stop […]

If you ever wanted to see how the world’s most advanced baggage handling facility operates, look no further than the video above from IBM which shows off how the company has helped Amsterdam Airport Schiphol turn its 50 million baggages a year into an efficient, trackable system. As you can imagine, this results in fewer […]


Coudal just posted a link to this Flickr photoset of vintage train timetables! One of the timetables even has a cat on it! How cute! The collection is pretty vast and covers several rail systems mostly in the U.S. (but you’ll find a few from outside the U.S. too). I love how these look!

Sweden always seems to be on the forefront of city planning when it comes to managing cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. In this short video from IBM, you can see how congestion pricing for vehicles has made Stockholm a better place for public transit, cyclists, and pedestrians while also reducing the carbon footprint of the city. […]


The Infrastructurist has a photo gallery post of some abandoned subway stations around the world. The one pictured above is the Rochester Subway, a long-abandoned system that still remains fairly intact today. I have plans to go to Rochester in the near future so I hope I get to see this in person one day.