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leica t aluminum build-02

Somehow I missed this announcement entirely. It turns out that Leica has released a mirrorless camera called the Leica T which sports an aluminum unibody construction with a 16MP APS-C sensor. It’s the most beautiful compact digital camera I have ever laid my eyes upon. The Verge has a bunch of images of it and […]

The music chosen for this video is the best part. Otherwise, it looks like Pearce Murphy here is perpetually shrugging. Is that his normal stance? This reminds me a bit of the Creepy Cameraman.


PSFK is showing this better image of what the latest taxicab design in NYC will look like once it is implemented, doing away with the checkered design and the word “taxi” as a whole.


Gothamist is reporting that the NYC TLC is proposing to once again make some changes to the yellow cab by completely getting rid o the checkered pattern on the sides of the vehicle as well as getting rid of the word taxi. The TLC basically says that there’s no doubt to any resident or tourist that […]