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This is a feature I’ve wanted in a browser for ages. While there’s always been extensions and plugins to save open tabs and windows on a browser, there’s never been a way (that I know of) to sync the tabs between computers. If there was, I’d get a desktop in a second and leave my […]

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Google can’t make it any easier to donate. With today’s announcement of Chrome For A Cause, you can now donate to several different causes just by opening up browser tabs! Each tab translates to a portion of a donation made to several causes listed on this page. For somebody like me who opens multiple tabs […]


By default on Mac OS, the Tab key switches between text boxes and lists only which means that if you’ve got a dialog box with several button options to choose from, you have to use your mouse/trackpad to select another choice that’s not selected by default. As somebody coming from years of using Windows, this […]


Hubero Kororo designed this interactive CD cover for the album called Pappeltalks by Andrea Neumann & Ivan Palacky. When you pull a tab on the side to open the CD, an ink cartridge leaks and fills the front cover with purple ink. A great way to deliver a unique experience while still selling the same […]


How about this for luxury? An aluminum can tab covered in 14-karat gold and repurposed to wear around your neck. This product from Alex and Chloe used to be $528, but now it’s $370. DEAL DEAL DEAL. Can you tell that I’m coming across these weird items while doing early Christmas shopping?