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This is pretty neat. Ben Larcombe runs a website called Expert Table Tennis and in the year 2014, he helped train a man named Sam Priestly to play table tennis (ping pong). Ben’s goal was to get Sam to break into the top 250 players in England in just 365 days. Sam started out as […]

Highly calculated perfection is often boring. See example above of two robots playing a game of ping pong with each other, each a master at the game at hand and none exhibiting any sort of risk in hitting the ball any other way but straight ahead.


Sweden-based Stiga is showing off these beautiful and colorful table tennis/ping pong paddles which I think are packaged quite nicely.


If that title confused you, that’s a good thing. Because as far as I know, nobody has ever made a functional ping pong table that was intended to be used as a dining table as well. The Akke Pingtuated Equilibripong is a work of art. It’s made from a long list of exotic woods, plumbing […]