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If this was how every pizza parlor made pizza selection off a menu, I would never eat anything but pizza for the rest of my life.

Wacom has finally stopped numbering their Intuos line and is now just naming it the Intuos Pro. The new Intuos Pro looks almost identical to the Intuos 5 released last year except that it now comes in a silver edition and has a host of specialized pens for specific applications. Prices starting at $249.

Wacom has slimmed down its tablet lineup with a more simplified name. No longer the Bamboo, the latest tablet from Wacom is known simply as Intuos, a name that shares itself with Wacom’s professional tablets. Beautiful redesign as well and only $99!

Adobe’s first real foray into hardware comes in the form of two objects known as the Mighty and the Napoleon. The Mighty is a stylus with smart sensors. The Napoleon is a sort of smart ruler that when used in conjunction with the Mighty evoke a sense of ruler and pencil over a drafting board. […]


Have you seen this? Wacom has released a 13″ Cintiq pen display with a Pro Pen. The whole unit comes with a hefty price tag of $999¬†(shipping April)! Illustrators, rejoice because you now have more desk space, or cry because your bank account is going to be empty! More images after the jump.