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Yo lo puedo hacer. Not this. Something else. By the way, have I posted this image before? I’m getting to the point on this site where my head is in so many places and tabs that I can barely keep track of my own personal photos and posts. I don’t think I’ve posted this one. […]

A rare sight to see nowadays with the MTA’s clean-trains initiative, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Here’s 14 minutes of non-clean-trains proof rolling right along.

Wow, Singaporean officials believe a 33-year-old Swiss man is behind this massive MRT train piece in Singapore. Singapore officials are now worried that this breach in security by a graffiti writer is just the tip of the iceberg in security lapses at one of the most important train stations in the country.

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I’m sure it’s no surprise to Shepard Fairey, but there’s some humor in seeing Shepard Fairey’s May Day piece get totally tagged. The circle of street art continues… Thanks Grotesk for the photo.