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I haven’t watch the entire video just yet (it’s very long and pretty frightening), but somebody attached a camera to the top of a tank in Syria as it entered a war zone.


Arnold is back with another creative way to raise money for his after-school initiative. For $10 (or more), you can enter to win a chance to drive Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal tank and crush a bunch of things with it. Maybe a car, maybe a piano, or maybe even a giant model egg! It’s all a […]


The Lively Morgue posted the photo above of a tank at the Throgs Neck Bridge on March 11, 1968. Apparently, it had been abandoned there for a weekend, sitting atop the flat bed truck and block a portion of the entrance to the bridge at E. 177th street.

Gizmodo just posted this insane video of a group of well-dressed people standing with their back facing a storming tank as the tank brakes hard just before it hits them. Umm, what?! Are these people crazy or just super-confident in this tank’s abilities to stop at will?

Going back to a time before I knew Brooklyn. I don’t have any memories of these tanks, but it’s neat to see them up in the skyline like that (if only for a few seconds before they come down). Here’s one more video.