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About a dozen crude oil tankers exploding one after the other in giant fireballs.

The 5 Freeway was only just re-opened not too long ago after a huge tanker fire explosion over the weekend. Here’s video of this event and the traffic mess it created.

Horrific video coming out of Lac-M├ęgantic, QC, Canada in the aftermath of a trail derailment. The train was said to be carrying oil and so far one person is dead from the crash.

Check out this video about a beached/stranded tanker called the MT Phoenix being re-floated after a storm. The re-floating wasn’t a success on the first run and in fact took about 4 different tries before the ship was back afloat and off again. Watch! The tanker, the MT Phoenix got in trouble in the vehement […]

When I was watching this, I kept thinking about how neat it would be if they just anchored this in the middle of the ocean and let people do whatever the hell they wanted with it. [via]