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A previously unreleased tape recording of an interview between Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his father (is that correct?) has been found in a man’s attic in Tennessee. As always, King is worth listening to for his incredible insight.


Sick and tired of $10 tape dispensers that turn your desk into bland office landscapes? Then you need to buy this $100 Claustrum Tape Dispenser from the Tortoise General Store (great name by the way).


It’s not exactly clear if Zero Per Zero sells these or if it was just a one-off prototype, but they have a solid idea here in their transit system box tapes. [via] There’s Tokyo, London, and NYC, but here’s a close-up of the NYC version.

Kinda funny to see his hair like this and also to see his made-up characters. [via]

Using forced perspective and lots of tape, Doyle Partners spelled out the word “GRIT” on this gym floor in such a way where it could only be read clearly from one particular location.