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Seriously, what have we become? A nation so hell-bent on getting a deal that we will risk personal injury to ourselves and others just to say we saved a few dollars?

This is so damn sad and unnecessary I think. A mentally-ill and homeless man named Kelly Thomas in Fullerton, California was tased at least 5 times by police for resisting arrest on July 5, 2011. Police not only tased Kelly but reportedly also beat him so badly he ended up looking like this. Meanwhile, Gawker […]

The Daily reported Justin Rocket Silverman visited Taser International where he subjected himself to being shocked with 50,000 volts of electricity in the company’s new “taser grenade”. [via] Expect to possibly see this baby at your local civil unrest rally in the near future.

Ethan, Michael, and I were watching this video in class today and it made us crack up. Watch how the woman falls so stiffly backwards and onto the chair.