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I’ve been finishing up a book I’ve been putting off for a while called The Big Oyster by Mark Kurlansky. In one particular section, Kurlansky writes about how oystermen along the Hudson in the early days of New York found out how to teach oysters to hold in water. Why would they need to do […]


A new video from the website Code.org shows you just how far learning to code can get you in life. Code is all around us and even those of us who don’t know how to code are inundated with it from all directions of daily life. The video here encourages people to learn to code […]

Interview with HourSchool founders from HourSchool on Vimeo. A nice little video about Hour School, an organization of creative and professional individuals who put on free learning sessions to teach others in their community how to do a certain thing well.

Here’s the trailer for Project Nim, the true story of the breakthrough scientific study in the 70′s to teach a chimpanzee to live like a human. I haven’t seen the film yet, but this trailer for the film — which is made by the team behind Man On Wire — is enough to convince me […]