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A new video from the website Code.org shows you just how far learning to code can get you in life. Code is all around us and even those of us who don’t know how to code are inundated with it from all directions of daily life. The video here encourages people to learn to code […]

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She probably doesn’t even know, but I’ve been following Megan’s adventures living and teaching in South Korea for the last few months. I’ve always wanted to go there and while I save up to do just that, I’m content living through her posts and writings about what it’s like for someone from the USA to […]

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Chuck RT’d this image of a church event advertising “Worship, Training, and Friends” with the letters WTF spelled out right at the top. I haven’t confirmed yet if this is an actual photo, but everything so far points to it being real — and that’s damn funny. UPDATE: WakeWTF is real. They even capitalize WTF […]

A number of families in the United States are beginning to try a radically new and different approach to teaching their children at home. It’s called “Unschooling” and it involves doing absolutely nothing to curb your child’s insane wants. If your child wants it, give it to him/her. If she wants to learn it, do […]