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This photo is borrowed from Design Mind in a post where they write about the beauty of aged and heavily used electronics. No cases, no protecting covers…just wear and tear like normal objects.

Interesting macro video of the fibers (is that the right term?) in bread tearing in slow-motion. Very pretty.

A similar video was posted previously on Doobybrain but for some reason this one seems a lot more interesting to watch. You know what happens already. Watch the video to see how it gets there. [via]

Wait, so did they just end the game then? People who know basketball history, please fill in the details below!!

Shot with a Phantom HD camera at 1000fps, this video is actually only 4 seconds of pillow-shredding stretched to an astonishing 2 and a half minutes.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple along with Steve Jobs, tears up as he talks about Steve Jobs.