Tag: TED-Ed

A TED-Ed animated video about how sugar has different names to hide all the sugar you may be inadvertently taking each time you eat or drink something.

Wow, not gonna lie, I totally forgot about factorials in math until I watched this video. Here’s a great lesson by Yannay Khaikin on how many combinations you can arrange/shuffle a deck of cards.

A simple math lesson by Christopher Danielson on the value of 1 and how it changes depending on the unit of measure. I just really like this because the video is cool and I wish I had this when I was in elementary school math class.

This latest lesson from TED-Ed by Ben Beaton explains the 9 ways (3 sub-categories) of how signals, symbols, and words define certain meaning for us with services, products, and people. How are people in the media influencing us with everyday language? Watch the video to find out! [via]