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Amazing talk by Chris Hadfield about the lessons he learned in space about fear and determination.

Haha, this is a dark but funny one from The Onion, modeled of course, after the sometimes ridiculous TED Talks we see shared across the web.

I totally forgot to post this video before I left Los Angeles. I watched this fascinating talk by Joshua Klein about the crow and how this seemingly ordinary bird is anything but. Crows are super-smart birds that can troubleshoot and find solutions to problems it faces in a variety of locations. In a way, these […]

Gavin Pretor-Pinney started the Cloud Appreciation Society, a group that advises people to look up every once in a while to find joy. Some really nice photos in this TED Talk.

This is such an insane story. So heartbreaking, sad, and so real (which makes it even scarier). Her story ends rather well here, but of course, it’s not really the end of the story as North Korea continues to be one of the worst human rights violators of the entire world. This video is worth […]

Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes

I loved when TED Talks were short, useful, and fun videos to watch. Thought you knew how to tie your shoes? Maybe you don’t. Watch Terry Moore explain in the video after the jump.