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Like NPR, ABC, the BBC, TED Talks, & stand-up comedy routines? Well, you might enjoy Swell, a new iOS app that delivers relevant talks and speeches based on preferences and criteria you set. It learns your tastes over time and will adjust accordingly. Basically, Pandora, but for non-music. Get it using the link below. It’s […]

This is what TED sounds like auto-tuned. [via]

Kevin Allocca works at YouTube and he was at TED to talk about how videos go viral.

Steven Johnson, author of one of my favorite books, Everything Bad Is Good For You, goes on stage at TED Talks to brief the audience about how amazing ideas come to life. He references the rise of non-alcoholic venues like cafes in society as a jumping board for many of history’s great ideas as well […]

I’m a big fan of Miru Kim’s photos because she always seems to find really fascinating subject matter and locations in her urban exploration expeditions. If you recall, Miru Kim is the photographer who goes into abandoned structures and places and then photographs herself nude in them. In this TED Talks video from the 2008 […]