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A great talk fromĀ Amanda Burden on how her work in the Bloomberg administration changed the environment of NYC in a huge way. Among the things she worked for were making new developments almost exclusively within a 10-minute walk from mass transit, generating public spaces that took advantage of NYC’s natural landscape, and making sure that […]

Wow, not gonna lie, I totally forgot about factorials in math until I watched this video. Here’s a great lesson by Yannay Khaikin on how many combinations you can arrange/shuffle a deck of cards.

Saatchi & Heckler created this ultra slow-motion video for TEDxSydney featuring a bunch of toddlers and young kids trying certain foods for the first time.

According to Nilofer Merchant, most of us sit more than we stand on a daily basis, and this can lead to a host of health issues if continued for the rest of our life. To help remedy this, Nilofer Merchant suggests making some of your meetings — if possible — walking meetings. I very much […]

What a wonderful TED Talk by Nardwuar about his history of just simply asking people for interviews and the crazy circumstances he’s found himself in over the years.