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A life inBTween from Charlie White on Vimeo. Puzzling. That’s all I can say about this. It’s made by Charlie White for his exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Yesterday, Gawker posted a story about the fame-box that is Ark Music Factory, a company that convinces young aspiring kids to jump in and record a poorly made pop song in hopes that they might be one of the few to make it big via viral video hit. As you can imagine, this factory of […]

The tunnel to the 74-acre underground centrifuge is the best part of this video. So outrageous, but totally Onion.

According to BuzzFeed these unsupervised Russian teens are all about living life on the edge. So much so that they’ve gone out of their way to tie a bungee onto an abandoned Russian building and push a girl off of it. Amateur antics at its worst and best. I would never in a million years […]


GOOD and Column Five got together to make this lovely graphic of statistics on condom use in teens and adults. The data is pulled from several sources including The New York Times, The CDC, The National Sex Study at Indiana University, and UNICEF. Take a look and see where you fall. Thanks Mike!