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TEES: Exploring Melbourne’s T-shirt culture from T-world on Vimeo. Melbourne is the best place in the world.


These team tees are brilliant. Big props to whoever thought this up.

Who needs some ink? A little tour of the ink room at Sharprint! from Threadless.com on Vimeo. Damn. Check out Sharprint’s ink stash.

A couple of weeks back I posted about The Hundreds’ T-shirt printing factory which they bought out from its original owners because The Hundreds was doing so well and printing so many T-shirts. Now The Hundreds prints tees for many other brands as well as their own in this placed called Mixed Media Productions. Above […]


I’ve posted several videos from T-world before (one featuring Jeff Staple and another featuring a host of other T-shirts) but until now I have never peeked into the T-world New York book. Today, I got to pick one up and it’s pretty phenomenal. I’m still digesting it but so far I can tell you that […]


Artist Sterling Crispin is selling these crude early-internet-GIF-style tees for $147 each. That’s right. Bad fashion for an even worse price. But it’s art!