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Check out this AT&T archival video of Western Electric and AT&T installing the telephone system for the former World Trade Center towers in Lower Manhattan.

Before AT&T was split in the 1980s, the company experimented with high fashion phones that customers could buy instead of rent (which was the norm back then when you had phone service from a land line carrier). The phones in the Design Line series were merely casings that the owner could buy while the insides […]

Well would you look at that! Hidden deep inside this toy telephone is a secret message for those who know the secret number code. Just watch the video. Thanks Ashley!

I’ve never seen this done before, but director Lizzie Oxby has created this unnerving video of a man just wanting to be heard using a mixture of stop-motion animation and live-action head-placement. Check it out.

Eleven from Joshua Marvel on Vimeo. Eleven – Operative 4511 is a space marine that’s in a bit of trouble. So he’s calling home via his communications device to get some help. The only problem is…he has to sit through a telephone tree system to get that help. Let’s just say it doesn’t turn out […]