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Can you tell from my recent posts that I’ve been looking for a decent premium iPad 2 case? Well, here’s another to add to the list. The iPad 2 Smart Case from Temple is made from re-purposed WWII canvas and features 100% oiled saddle leather details, 1/8″ foam padding, khaki twill lining and magnetic closures. […]


This probably won’t do anything for you if you’re in a rush, but it’s hard not to say that this headphone case from Temple Bags is just beautiful. They’re on pre-order now for $40.

Temple Bags: Made in America from McManus Studios on Vimeo. Wondering how those gorgeous Temple Bags get made? Then check out this video from Steve about the whole manufacturing process from beginning to end and how all of the materials are sourced within city limits of the Temple Bags office. Pretty neat!


Temple Bags just finished a run of 36 truly unique medicine bags, each one made from real vintage WWII fabrics and washed to perfection. If you’re the type to worry about bumping into somebody else on the street with the same bag, this one’s for you (if you have $592). Buy one and there won’t […]

Temple Bags from McManus Studios on Vimeo. Why are Temple Bags so darn awesome? It’s because Steve has at least one deer working for him at the studio. Deer, by nature, are wonderful craftsmen so there’s no wonder that Steve is on a roll with his collection at Temple Bags.

Temple Bags Vignette from McManus Studios on Vimeo. Here’s a short little video from McManus Studios featuring Steve from Temple Bags and his sewing machine.