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Have you seen this? Poler has introduced a new color to their Two Man Tent. It’s called Rainbro and it’s for NOT blending into the woods and your surroundings.


Noel sent over this link to The Wedge inflatable tent from Heimplanet. The tent requires virtually no assembly and can be up in just a matter of minutes (depending on how strong your pump is). The best part? It collapses and folds into a neat little package no bigger than a sleeping bag. Get it […]

A demonstration of how to erect a concrete tent

Wow, this is really neat technology. I heard about this a few years back but have never really seen it in action until now. Huge implications for humanitarian aid and instant deployment where traditional building materials aren’t easily transported.


How many people does this London Underground Tube tent hold? 16! 72 if you don’t mind standing room! And apparently inside this long structure are 5 rooms for the most amazing of camp outtings!!! COOL! [via]


I’ve posted about FieldCandy’s tent covers before but this new one caught my eye. It’s a tent cover made to look like a standing book (in case you ever wanted to live out fantasies of being the size of Fern Gully residents).