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Cool. I just found out that Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak Airport which closed in 1998 has just reopened as a giant, high-tech cruise ship terminal. It only took 4 years to build this massive 19-acre multi-story development. Pretty quick, no? Anyway, there’s concern that the terminal is built in a very dilapidated industrial part […]

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge which spans across the Delaware River connecting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden, New Jersey, houses underneath it a secret abandoned ghost station that would have been a busy trolley terminal. But when the bridge opened in 1926, the trolleys never ran because buses became a more common mode of transportation. Watch the […]

Not content at just raising $100,000+ on Kickstarter, the team behind the fantastic idea of the LowLine Park (part of the former Essex Street Trolley Terminal) now wants to raise close to $300,000 so that they can build a scale-model demo by September and also complete 4 engineering studies to get the park rolling towards […]


Just about all mass transit in NYC is currently shut down right now due to the impending Hurricane Irene. This shot above was released by the MTA. Here’s one more.