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I thought I posted this, but I don’t see it in my archives. Worth watching.

I haven’t seen this film in a couple of years, but it still sits as one of my favorites. What I never realized however is how many locations I would recognize after just living in LA for 1 year. Changes the whole perception of this film.

This truck is pretty neat. The Terminator I mean. Not the Range Rover. The Terminator can be driven autonomously or via remote control (like a drone) and it can even deflate it’s tires remotely for better grip (wait, I thought that was a myth).

This is cool. Scientists have created a plastic polymer that can “heal” itself and put itself back together when cut in half. It’s being dubbed the “Terminator Polymer” (T-1000) because of its ability to mend itself.

Ha, this is cool. To get the Terminators looking as realistic as possible, the Stan Winston School building half-body T-600 backpacks. Here’s test footage of them trying to get the look just right.