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Heh, I wish all websites would lay out their TOS like this. CodePen translates that lawyer-speak into layman’s terms.

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Lots of talk about people jumping ship from Instagram because of its new TOS. Let’s forget for a second that 90% of people are often all talk and no walk — especially when it comes to changes in online service agreements/services (don’t we all remember those who said they would stop using Facebook when Facebook […]


Hailed as an effort to fix “the biggest lie on the web” (that is, agreeing to a site or service’s Terms of Service), Terms of Service; Didn’t Read┬áhopes to break down ToS’s everywhere to make it simpler for the regular person to understand. With ratings, bullet points, and color-coded letter systems, ToS; DR sounds like […]


Click to enlarge This is utterly fantastic. The New York Times has published a long list of terms of service and shorthand code used in popular NYC restaurants to educate us on what the restaurant, servers, and management might be thinking of us as we dine. So good! More to come apparently from Ben Schott […]